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Pope Francis Of The Year

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It’s that time of year again …


    It’s that time of year again …

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  5. I was born with a reading list I will never finish.

    Maud Casey (via wordpainting)

    my life.

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  6. People are hungry for different stuff, and this summer Hollywood kept feeding them the same movie over and over.
  7. Sure, these carriage disputes may be crucial to the short-term bottom lines of the companies involved — but by pushing viewers to cut the (cable or satellite) cord, both sides are overlooking the very real possibility that they’re simply hastening the demise of an old order that has served them both well but is by no means permanent.
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    “This is so stupid,” you tell your best work friend over gchat. “Why does anyone read these posts? It’s just glossy pictures of icing and domesticity porn.” Your friend does not respond.

    “Do you want to get lunch,” you write. Still no response. Seven minutes later:

    “Most of her recipes are just stolen from somewhere else. They’re not even original.” Your friend’s status changes to Busy. An hour later, you will see her at the Panera Bread down the hill from your office park with two coworkers you don’t know.

    Source: http://the-toast.net/2013/07/03/resent-that-success/

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  10. Tracie Chan: Protests Are For The Privileged


    I’ve been at the Texas State Capitol about five times in the past few weeks to witness the GOP-led Texas Legislature push through legislation that would make abortions nearly inaccessible in the state. After work or during lunch, I arrived at the Capitol to sit in the Senate Gallery during Wendy…

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