1. If you think about it, most people are making do. They’re not living their dreams, but they’re not living a miserable existence, either. That’s kind of what life is—you mostly just do jobs that you can get and that pay for things.
  2. Homicide needs to be widely embraced and venerated, and then the groundswell will start. People will begin chitter-chattering about it. The vast Internet will suddenly become filled with pro-Homicide propaganda. The tides will have turned. And then my other fondest wish can come true: Homicide reunion movie.
  3. what’s genuinely gross about that industry is its utter reductiveness. Year after year, it boils film culture down to a horse race, treating movies as competitors riding “momentum” or battling a “backlash” or overcoming a “snub,” rather than as what they (or at least the best of them) are: art. Yet what’s particularly odd about Oscar obsession is its built-in cognitive dissonance — every year we drool and fume and predict, as though it is all Very Important Work, while simultaneously acknowledging that nobody actually takes the judgments of Oscar voters very seriously, because they are so wrong, so very often.
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Clay Bennett: The Protesters
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  8. Women so often have been denied respect, true respect. We need to extend this to each other. The conditioning which teaches us to see each other as competitors for men’s attention also tells us that relationships between women are not as worthwhile as those between women and men. The ability to respect another human being for what she is offering is the foundation for a friendship. It is not to be taken lightly.

    Another bit from the interview of Maya Angelou in The Feminine Face of God.

    (The Maya Angelou bits are the best part of this book, which otherwise comes off very dated in its discussion.)

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This is 100% true, I promise.


    This is 100% true, I promise.

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  10. Carrying Jada

    We think it is rape culture or gun violence that will define us as a fallen civilization. But it’s the indifference that will do us in. It’s our fierce commitment to independence — emotional, cultural, financial, spiritual — as our most prized and noble value that dooms us.

    We are nothing without each other, nothing if all we can manage is protecting our own children, nursing our individual grief, urging others to be more like someone else who was “independent” enough to “move on” and “dust herself off” and “get over it.”


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