1. argentgale:

    And there it is.  ONe of the best Simpsons ever. My husband and I quote this all the time in regards to our daughter and the sacrifices we make for her.

    Parenting:  Simpsons style

    This episode always gets me all verklempt.

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  2. tashabilities:


    CNN anchor Zain Asher reacting to her brother Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Best Actor nomination. 

    Awww, sister-in-love! 

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  3. elizabethlemonades:

    beautiful tropical fishes requested by gay-mo

    Leslie: You came into a town hall meeting, and we met and we became friends and that is awesome. 
    Ann: It is so awesome. You are so awesome! I love you!

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  4. 30 day the fosters challenge

    day 19 | a scene that makes your heart melt

    Okay, I’m loving this show (thanks, Netflix Instant!) because of heartfelt moments like this… but I CAN’T STAND the idea of foster daughter Callie possibly getting involved with biological son Brandon. I know they aren’t really related (I mean, obviously), but it still gives me an icky feeling.

    I’m only past episode 6, so we’ll see what happens there.

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  5. Nicely shot, Elementary.

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  6. whentherightonecomesalong:

    "The Best Songs Come From Broken Hearts" - Rayna Jaymes

    2x05 “Don’t Open That Door”

    ♫ Well I’m not proud of my mistakes 

    But thanks to you I’ve got so much to say

    Cause the best songs come from broken hearts

    From busted dreams and beat up guitars ♫

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  7. bunnyvictorious:

    GUYS. It doesn’t matter what your politics are - I promise - this is the GREATEST political ad you’ll ever watch.

    Carl Sciortino “Father’s Son” (by Carl Sciortino)

    This is terrific. “I still love you, Dad.” “Love you too, son.”

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  8. What Abortions Should Be Like

    all the feelings.

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