1. Fauré: Pavane / Rattle · Berliner Philharmoniker (by Berliner Philharmoniker)

    If that theme in “Little Me” sounded familiar…

  2. In writing about Liszt as a composer, the constant invasion of his piano scores by long passages of challenging and conspicuous technical difficulty is rarely treated seriously. Nevertheless, these spectacular passages were one of the reasons that his invention of the piano recital became such a success. No one before Liszt played an entire public concert on the piano.
    The Super Power of Franz Liszt by Charles Rosen | The New York Review of Books. File in: things I don’t recall reading in my music history textbook. (with my emphasis)
  3. Brahms Symphony No 3, movement #3: Poco Allegretto.

    Yesterday the church organist played a bit from this at the first part of communion.  It wasn’t listed in the bulletin, but I recognized it enough to hum along… I just couldn’t recall which piece it was.

    I’m happy to have solved the mystery! (Nathan, the organist, gave me the hint that it was from a Brahms symphony) 

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