"In Woody Allen’s world, there were no black gangsters or club-goers in 1920s Harlem. In Woody Allen’s world, the truth is whatever he wants it to be."

Report: Woody Allen Doesn’t Want Black Actors in His New Play

"it’s just a bit galling that Hollywood has taken one of the greatest stories of feminist triumph in the last century and made it about a dude."

Dear Will Ferrell: Depicting Sexism Isn’t Enough | Women and Hollywood


Just got an email written to two women and one guy that started:


I quit the world. 

"Both Kagan and Sotomayor also said that it wasn’t such a substantial burden on the plaintiffs for employer plans to cover contraception, because the employers could just opt out of offering insurance at all and send their employees to the exchanges, thus diluting their involvement in paying for it. But Clement insisted that would also hurt Hobby Lobby by making it pay a fee, and that providing insurance coverage was also part of their religious belief. (Ginsburg was incredulous on that point.)"

Can a corporation be religious? Maybe, say Justices | MSNBC

"But Tiger Lily being a problematic character isn’t an excuse to cast a non-Native American actress. Rather, it’s the same as it was with The Lone Ranger: The key to bringing a racial caricature forward to the modern day isn’t to disregard that person’s race but to change the character so they’re not a racial caricature. Jesus Christ. It’s not that hard. There’s something to be said for “loyalty to source material,” but *early 1900s racism is not one of the things you need to keep.*"

White Woman Rooney Mara Might Play Tiger Lily In Pan, Because 2015 Needed Its Own The Lone Ranger (via themarysue)

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"I have been a HIMYM fan since day one, and I still think the series’ first episode is one of the best comedy pilots I’ve ever seen. I love this show. I have been devoted to this show. I have stuck with this show through these last few garbage-y seasons, even as the series has squandered my affection, out of a combination of loyalty, pathetic optimism, curiosity, and the conviction that, everything else aside, the show was designed to have a happy ending. It’s in the title and everything! I have spent nine stupid years of my stupid life waiting for this happy ending, and if it turns out to be a tragic ending about a hearty widower, there is no way for me to get a refund on all this."

Please Don’t Let the Mom Die on HIMYM — Vulture

How many times can I repeat my refrain? I’m so glad I stopped watching this show a few seasons ago.