1. kindworld:

    I’m looking for more stories to feature on Kind World! So if you have a story about a random act of kindness, just leave a message on our voicemail (phone number on the picture above) and I may feature you on the site. Thanks so much!

    PS - be sure to leave your name and where you’re from too :)


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  2. Ralph Lauren to Sponsor Masterpiece on PBS : PBS

    Okay, I’ll stop whining about the USA Olympic team uniforms. FOR NOW.

  3. Smartphones have given radio journalists like me the ability to give some context to our stories that may not have been available before the ability to shoot and edit photos, video and sound and then share all of it via social media and email. In the end, we not only ended up scooping the competition on a very memorable story that drummed up a lot of great feedback, but we delivered it to listeners so they could see it, hear it, read it and even interact with it through social media.
    When a number of manatees were beached near the campus of Jacksonville University in Florida, Matt Augustine, of radio station WKOV, arrived on the scene about an hour before any other journalists. He discusses why mobile journalism and social media made a difference. Read more:  Advancing the Story » How mobile journalism makes breaking news better (via onaissues)
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  4. University of Texas tables deal to buy second station for its KUT-FM in Austin - Current.org


    The University of Texas Board of Regents has tabled a decision to purchase “classic hits” KXBT-FM as a sister station for its KUT-FM in Austin “while questions about the proposal are answered,” reports Radio Insight. The initial plan was to buy the station for $6 million and shift KUT’s musical programming to KXBT.

    whoa, I didn’t know that was even being considered.

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  5. [Tracking The Texas Drought | StateImpact Texas | Reporting on Power, Policy and the Planet]
  6. CPB: Open to the Public - Monthly Reports on Comments Received


    One of my research papers in the Fall dealt with public broadcasting. Over the course of doing research, I came across this page on the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s site.

    It is amazing. Were there not a paper to write, I could’ve curled up with my laptop for hours reading these reports.

    CPB has a 1-800 number people can call and leave comments on regarding their public broadcasting services. They can also write and mail in any such comments. Either way, CPB then compiles those comments and publishes them here, typos and all.

    There’s a lot of conservative venting, a lot of people angry about any Spanish-language broadcasting, the firing of Juan William makes up the comments of almost one whole report, several different requests to send funds to Nigeria so they can setup public broadcasting, at least one (that I’ve found so far) email forward regarding public broadcasting that someone got from a friend and thought would be informative for CPB, and someone bought a rundown historic building and proposed that CPB (via PBS or some other local public broadcasting) might want to create a show (wherein CPB’d pay the bulk of his renovation bills) around the topic of renovating historical buildings.

    The craziness is unending. At least once per report I find myself thinking, “Am I actually allowed to read this? It… doesn’t feel like I’m supposed to be reading this.” Openness in business is a foreign thought to me, I guess.

    There’s really no way to pick a favorite. The April 7, 2011 (pdf files, sorry) call that was a diatribe against President Obama by way of that night’s MSNBC (MSNBC. [MSNBC.]) Rachel Maddow Show broadcast is pretty high on the list but it’s too long to put here. Instead, I’ll go with what is always enjoyable: any negative comments regarding childrens programming.

    Exhibit A: Ending the May 2011 Report; Re: Nicole Kidman on Sesame Street

    To whom it may concern,

    Today I saw a video of Nicole Kidman on Sesame Street with Oscar The Grouch. First off the impression I got she was coming onto Oscar. That is just plain sick. I have to say having her on this show for children is very bad. She has done several movies that have used children in bad situations. One comes to mind called “Birth.” Where she sits naked in a bathtub with a 10 year old boy. Also we have “eyes wide shut.” and another called “Invasion” she runs around with a see through shirt that shows her body and it is in front of a boy that is playing her son. I don’t see her as a roll model for Kids at any age. I wish you would not show this episode of Sesame Street. Thank you.



    I just love it all so much. I hope it never ends.

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  7. Big Bird is going to have advertisements, all right?

    Mitt Romney discussing his plans to cut funding for public television (via mediahascookies)

    Today’s Sesame Street is brought to you by the letters AT&T.

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    Oh, geez. Or how about C is for Cargill, that’s good enough for me?

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  8. PBS & Tumblr

    Why, hello, PBS on Tumblr.

  9. Bill Moyers back on TV* in January. Huzzah!

    *I tagged this post “public media” because I’m assuming Moyers & Co. will air on PBS.

  10. Michele Norris Temporarily Leaving Position at NPR's "All Things Considered'' as Husband Joins Obama Re-election Campaign



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