1. the violence in Ferguson is a grim reminder that the stream that carries culture to politics often runs more slowly than we would like.
  2. How not to talk about the politics of culture - The Washington Post

  3. theweekmagazine:

Tara Reid debuts her Sharknado-inspired perfume

so this is the world we live in.
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  4. Natalie Dormer on Women and Body Image in Hollywood during SDCC 2014 (x)


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  5. It may surprise you to know that, despite the saturation coverage of Bieber’s antics, he has not granted a real solo interview in almost two years, and won’t put out an album for a year. And yet you’re about to read a 5,200-word article on him, which may or may not be a colossal waste of your time.
  6. Wherein I have a short convo on Twitter with the composer for "The Good Wife" about the score for "True Detective"

  7. Kasem’s on-air style dates from his days as a disk jockey in Oakland, when the station manager told him to replace the frenetic comedy routines he was deploying between songs with something more low-key. That night, using a book he found in the studio wastebasket with statistics and information about musicians, he started his ”teaser and bio” technique: before a commercial, he would hint at his next song with an obscure fact about the singer (”Coming up - a song by a musician who credits his success to a rocker named Mick and a barber named Melvin!”) and then, after the break, give the listener the biographical payoff.

    ”I was drawing on the Arabic tradition of storytelling one-upmanship,” Kasem says. ”When I was a kid, men would gather in my parents’ living room and tell tales and try to outdo each other. I couldn’t understand the language, but I was fascinated. And I was way ahead of ‘Trivial Pursuit’ with my trivia - I was doing trivia before anyone was doing trivia.”
    From Susan Orlean’s 1990 profile of Casey Kasem, CASEY AT THE MIKE - New York Times
  8. [E]ven now there’s a patriarchal tone to the show set by Trebek himself. When women fare well at sports or car categories, he is clearly surprised and impressed. Last week, for instance, a round ended with a pair remaining clues about Heisman trophy winners. He went to the commercial break confiding to viewers that the contestants, all women, were relieved to have avoided the rest of the category. (Collins, en route to win No. 13 in that game, had answered correctly, in fact, that Tim Tebow had attended University of Florida.)

    Jass, who teaches women’s studies at Adrian College in Adrian, Michigan, said the show’s writing staff, dominated by men, also allow an “androcentric” perspective to seep into the show material. “You never see a category called ‘Male Artists,’ but you do see ‘Female Artists’ or just ‘Artists,’ which may have some women as answers,” she said.
  9. I honestly feel like, with a good female friendship, you are there to make sure that that person is leading her best life. The show that we wanted to tell was really about childhood best friends because we were fascinated by the idea that those best friends were there when your personality formed. So they can really tell you, as an adult, if you are either pursuing the dreams that you had as a child—like who you were meant to be—or you are not. So the story we wanted to tell was about these two people, these adult friends, who have come back together and, because they have known each other for that long, they can be the ones that can really call each other out on their shit and encourage them to lead their best life. I think that’s what’s really special.
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    Six Degrees of MFMM

    I love how interconnected the Australian film and television industry is- almost everyone, it seems, has worked together before.

    Part 1:Miranda Otto

    Playing the shady Lydia Andrews in Cocaine Blues, Miranda Otto had previously worked with Essie on the Shirley Barrett feature South Solitary, 2010.

    Also, Miranda’s husband Peter O’Brien played the dashing yet villainous René Dubois in ‘Murder in Montparnasse’.

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