Been a few years since I listened to this album, but I still remember most of the lyrics to sing along.

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This band opened for Metric last night. Their band name is misleading — they aren’t Canadian, as I originally assumed.

The Colourist - Little Games (St. Lucia Remix)

Madi Diaz, “Burn.”

She opened for A Fine Frenzy/Joshua Radin last night and I love her sound.  My pal and I left before Joshua Radin came on — we felt that with Madi Diaz plus A Fine Frenzy, we already got our money’s worth.

Plus, it was already 10 o’clock, and A Fine Frenzy’s show was such an emotional rollercoaster (in the best way possible) that we were both exhausted.  Also, neither of us is crazy about Radin’s drowsy tunes.

I think once I get to work I’m just going to listen to The Weepies all morning.

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Aimee Mann - Charmer (by AimeeMannVEVO)

I’m a little surprised this video doesn’t have more views.


Aimee Mann - ‘Charmer’ from the new album of the same name out soon!

Julie’s post reminded me that Aimee Mann is always great to listen to, but most especially on rainy days.

Stars, “The Theory of Relativity.”

Wheee, Stars’ new album on Spotify today! And I get Parks and Rec season 4 from Amazon today! It should be a good day.

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