1. Your female characters are so strong they’re kidnapping characters from other, better books and dragging them into their own scenes to liven up the dialogue.
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    Mr. Nanjiani

    Playing House 108


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    "Or maybe… the mom from The Cosby Show was named after your mother."

    "No, that’s impossible"

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  4. Liberal Dude Erotica

    It was funny how he had this way of making women both so comfortable yet so intimidated. He wished he could put his hand on the back of her head and shush her, chase away all her anxieties about her brain. If only there was some way he could let her know how used to this he was, to being smarter. If only he could tell her it wasn’t her fault.

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    Jim Gaffigan loves being a dad!

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  7. Boyz II Men come to you with a song called “Water Runs Dry,” and you have no choice but to stick them in a desert in billowy, cream-colored pajamas. Your hands are tied.
  8. Let me remind you. Scarlet is our heroine, Louis her common law husband, and Jackson her lover. She is between her husband and lover, but although we are already on page 33 she has still not got any further than her grandmother’s kitchen where she has brought food from the freezer. It is this sort of novel, I am afraid.
    Kehua!, Fay Weldon.
  9. Chelsea Peretti on emojis and her Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast

    • Hollywood Reporter: How would you describe each of your Brooklyn co-stars using emojis?
    • Chelsea Peretti: Jake: I wish there were a leather-coat emoji because that would be perfect for him and Rosa. I could knock them both out with one emoji! But Jake would be the shirt-and-tie emoji because of his whole battle with that. Amy Santiago would be a smile with its tongue out, like that puppy dog happy face. Rosa could be the one with the flat mouth and flat eyes. Terry (Terry Crews) would be a palm tree, then a broadly smiling face, and then another palm tree, then the sunglasses guy and another palm tree. Sometimes you have to do a series; you just can't commit to one emoji (laughs). Boyle could be the smiling cop with the cop hat on. Holt would be wide eyes with a flat mouth. Hitchcock (Dirk Blocker) and Scully (Joel McKinnon Miller) could be two turtle emojis (laughs).
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