1. Director Dawn Porter on Why We Need More Women and Minority Filmmakers | Indiewire

    The clear takeaway from the Sundance study was that women fared much better in documentary, and particularly when examining their representation at a prestigious film festival like Sundance. And I think anecdotally that’s true, but we also need to focus on what it means to be better than horrible. Because the statistics about women in film are just that – horrible.
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  2. The Forgotten Story Of Classic Hollywood's First Asian-American Star

    Anna May Wong, hooray!

  3. *internal squealing*

    *internal squealing*

  4. ‘Practical Magic’: Sisters as Friends, Mirrors | Bitch Flicks

    Practical Magic is one of my go-to movies. It just makes me feel better. It is one of those movies that I can watch again and again and it stands the test of time.
    Me too!
  5. I loved the book Like Water for Chocolate, with its recipes interspersed in the chapters. The cinematic version is pretty darn good as well (this trailer is probably NSFW… and is also in Spanish),

  6. This is a pretty terrible trailer, but Mostly Martha is my favorite food movie. I love that Martha is an amazing cook who gets energy from cooking for others and loses her appetite when alone. It’s hard to watch this one on an empty stomach.

    (and I refuse to watch the American remake)

  7. Obvious inclusion in the great food movie list: Chocolat. I’d probably like the movie more without Johnny Depp. The book is also very good!

  8. Of course, Babette’s Feast is probably the most classic of food films. A great story, beautiful food… it’s all wonderful.

  9. A friend and I were talking about movies where the food is one of the best parts, and I think Eat Drink Man Woman certainly fits under that. Don’t judge the Ang Lee drama by this cheesy trailer, though, please.

  10. let’s be clear, while this movie is about a man, women will be in the movie. They won’t just be ancillary figures, and that is because of Ava.
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