cannot stop listening to this track and I blame nerdshares!

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Yeah, she’s got life in her veins
She don’t need no rescuing, she’s okay

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In the desert of northern South Africa you come across a little puddle. If you dive down into that puddle, at the bottom there is a slot. This is the entrance to third largest freshwater cave in the world. This is where the adventure begins.

Producer: Julia DeWitt

This story is flat-out amazing (and somewhat heartbreaking).

So happy their full length album is out now!

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The first single from the group formerly known as Afro Blue (now Traces of Blue).

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Charli XCX - You (Ha Ha Ha)

"You (Ha Ha Ha)" is the return of Charli XCX’s natural music style which of course is a sample that immediately gets stuck in your head as well as some intriguing lyrics. The Gold Panda sample combined with Charli’s vocals is a fantastic pairing and this song is sure to be a hit.

Our Sound Our Music

I love love love this track.

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BBC Radio 1 - B.Traits, Robyn's Bedtime Mix, Robyn delivers your bedtime mix


Robyn picks out 4 tracks to help sooth Radio 1 listeners before bedtime…

  1. Erykah Badu - Bag Lady 
  2. Cocteau Twins - Suckling The Mender 
  3. Todd Rundgren - Healing (Part 1)

yeah, Robyn’s on Tumblr y’all!

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Ally's Choice - Radiolab

Producer Lu Olkowski brings us the story of a tightly-knit family caught on opposite sides of a very big divide. If you ask Ally Manning’s mom and sister, they’ll tell you there’s no question: they’re black. But as a teenager, Ally decided that what was true for them didn’t make sense for her.