1. Madi Diaz - Tomorrow [Phantom]
    Phantom available 9.30.14
    yes, please.

  2. machine-factory:

    This is ‘Beggin For Thread' and it's the latest cut to surface from BANKS’ highly anticipated debut album, Goddess out this September. Produced by Jesse Rogg and Tim Anderson, the track is happier and lighter compared to her other, more dark and moody songs. Either way, give it a spin above!

    Diggin’ it!

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  3. From One with Farai:

  4. Why haven’t I been listening to this band before today?

  5. Stillness Is The Move (Dirty Projectors Cover) — Solange

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  6. These guys put on an excellent show at Pachanga Fest. I was a dancing fool. Well, actually, the whole crowd was dancing, so I didn’t look that foolish.

  7. cannot stop listening to this track and I blame nerdshares!

  8. Spalding Gray's Family Remembers A Man Who Was 'Never Boring' : NPR

  9. Yeah, she’s got life in her veins
    She don’t need no rescuing, she’s okay

  10. In the desert of northern South Africa you come across a little puddle. If you dive down into that puddle, at the bottom there is a slot. This is the entrance to third largest freshwater cave in the world. This is where the adventure begins.

    Producer: Julia DeWitt

    This story is flat-out amazing (and somewhat heartbreaking).


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