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  2. alicia florrick alphabet: eli

    "You know, you and I are going to be the best of friends, Mrs. Florrick."

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    The Mindy Project 2.22 / Broad City 1.09 / The Good Wife 2.22

    What are the chances another one of these shows up JUST HOURS AFTER I MADE THE SAME THING?

    (Not angry with you, OP, because it was a request and this gif is actually in the gifset, unlike mine.)

    did not know this was a thing!

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  4. uptownhags:

    Get to Know Me Meme: 5 favorite female characters
    ↳4/5: Elsbeth Tascioni

    Oh my God! That is the prettiest cupcake I’ve ever seen!

    favorite favorite

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    How to Stand Out in a Crowd, by Diane Lockhart

    Diane Lockhart’s Life Manual

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  6. seconded.


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    Twice yearly, we’re reminded of two things: 1. flossing regularly really is important, and 2. award shows suck, particularly for women and POC behind the camera. In anticipated disappointment over this Thursday’s Emmy noms, we’ve compiled our own, with one caveat: ladies only. And not because they can’t stack up against the men in their field, but because the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences probably won’t let them try. 

    Read on for SaraLenny, and Hannah's picks for Outstanding Writing - Drama and Comedy.

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    I like this idea, but any list leaving off “The Decision Tree” or “Hitting the Fan” or “The Last Call” (all written by Robert & Michelle King) is incomplete.

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  8. Congratulations to The Good Wife on their four Emmy nominations for outstanding performers in a Drama Series.

    All the awards!

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  9. weasleyette:

    I’m sorry, but who doesn’t ship them?

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  10. Wherein I have a short convo on Twitter with the composer for "The Good Wife" about the score for "True Detective"


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