"Women from all walks of life have told me … ‘even when we’re at the table we’re not at the table because of what you said—it’s about not listening, not being valued, not being respected,’” she said.

“My mom thinks this ‘War on Women’ is not just about women’s health, it’s really about control,” Van de Putte continued. “Now, maybe that’s the perspective of her generation but I have to believe when something violent is done against women, whether it’s sexual abuse or discrimination, it’s never about the violence, it’s about the control."

Leticia Van de Putte’s Lite Guv Bid Assures One Outcome: She will be heard - News and Politics - San Antonio Current

"Right now, Davis is the talk of Texas politics, grabbing all the headlines and raising eye-popping sums of money. But Van de Putte may figure larger in the future of her state. Latina, progressive, and a sixth-generation Texan, she has a serious chance of winning, especially if a fire-breather like Patrick wins the runoff, and she is the type of candidate Democrats need as they try to capitalize on the state’s growing Latino population and turn Texas blue."

This Texas Democrat Could Be the Future of Her Party—and Her Name Isn’t Wendy Davis | Mother Jones

Whoo hoo, Leticia van de Putte!!!!!!!

It seems strange to select such a New York City-centric film as Spike Lee’s 25th Hour for Lone Star Cinema, but the epilogue for the movie was filmed in our state. So, here we are.

(via Lone Star Cinema: 25th Hour | Slackerwood)

It seems strange to select such a New York City-centric film as Spike Lee’s 25th Hour for Lone Star Cinema, but the epilogue for the movie was filmed in our state. So, here we are.

(via Lone Star Cinema: 25th Hour | Slackerwood)

Texas denies pregnant woman's grieving family the right to say goodbye | Dallas Morning News

She made it clear she didn’t want this. Her grieving husband and parents don’t want it either. But a not-very-well known statute under state law says Marlise, 33, doesn’t have the same right to a peaceful, natural death as other Texans because she is pregnant.

Sen. Leticia Van de Putte will seek the Democratic nomination for lieutenant governor | Dallas Morning News

San Antonio Sen. Leticia Van de Putte will serve notice this week that she is running for lieutenant governor as a Democrat, according to a person close the decision. As such, Van de Putte is expected to join Sen. Wendy Davis atop a Democratic ticket that will showcase two women vying to be their party’s highest-ranking statewide officeholders. Van de Putte is a pharmacist who served in the Texas House and has been in the Texas Senate since 1999. In 2002 she became the chair of the Senate Hispanic Caucus and has become nationally recognized as a Hispanic leader.

Former DA Anderson Pleads Guilty to Withholding Evidence in Morton Case: Will do a turn in jail and surrender his law license - News Blog - The Austin Chronicle

Former Williamson County District Attorney Ken Anderson this afternoon pleaded guilty to criminal contempt for withholding exculpatory evidence during his prosecution of Michael Morton, who was wrongfully convicted of the 1986 murder of his wife Christine.


According to the Innocence Project, whose lawyers, along with Houston civil attorney John Raley, took on Morton’s case, Anderson’s case may be the first time a prosecutor has been criminally punished for withholding evidence.



"This isn’t to say that straight white men never speak up for our interests. But there is a level of comfort in knowing that the person speaking has lived your experience. And shared experience is also a galvanizing force. By the time Davis had stopped talking, hours later, this week was no longer about a few women speaking up. They were joined by women in the Texas Senate chamber, out the door in the rotunda, outside the capitol building, and on Twitter, and all over the world."

That’s what I wrote that about Wendy Davis in June after her filibuster to block an abortion-restricting bill in the Texas State Legislature. Fantastic news: She’s announced she’s running for governor!

I love Texas, I love Texas women, and I think Wendy Davis is phenomenal. I would LOVE to see her as governor. Today’s the day to kick her a little bit of cash if you can to get her campaign started.


(This post is part of a day-long moneybomb for Wendy’s campaign. So please: Reblog, tweet this link with the #GiveToWendy hashtag, or share the link with all of your friends who love Texas and/or women.)

"Some people believe there is only one face of hunger, and anyone who doesn’t fit that mold doesn’t really need help. These misconceptions create a stigma that prevent others from seeking help in a crisis. During Hunger Action Month—and all year long—we must educate our communities to understand that the faces of hunger are diverse and ever changing."

The Consequence of Asking for Help - Capital Area Food Bank of Texas Blog

"It will be much harder for the Department of Justice to block Texas’ voting changes under Section 2 of the VRA than it would have been under Section 5, but they’re smart to try."

DOJ to Texas: Voter Suppression Will Not Stand | The Nation