1. Girls on Film: 5 ways movies can be as diverse as television - The Week

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  2. As I’ve previously explained, none of these Sunday shows get impressive ratings as a general rule. And that’s because their audience is basically limited to three groups of people: Beltway insiders, really old people, and people who have become immobilized on a semi-permanent basis and are thus unable to reach their remote controls and change the channel.
    A New Host On ‘Meet The Press’ Isn’t Going To Solve Its Problems

    Also a good number of people who might possibly watch are at church… it is on Sunday morning, after all.
  3. There’s a moment where Jamie Fraser, the handsome Scottish fella, tells an AWOL Claire, “Shall I pick you up and throw you over my shoulder? Do you want me to do that?” and you, if you’re a male viewer, realize: oh, this was not actually made for me. Which is a crazy feeling, let me tell you! Because most everything on cable TV is made for dudes! So while there are moments where things get sci-fi-corny — Claire’s ominous palm-reading in the reverend’s kitchen; all the misty portent around MacStonehenge; Bear McCreary’s Hobbits-on-the-Titanic score — Outlander is a nice break from the pummeling of BROOD BROOD BROOD SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT that so populates the cable landscape, especially pay cable. Outlander is an epic, dark, expensive production that doesn’t give a fuck if it ever gets watched in a “man cave,” and that is goddamn refreshing.
  4. The entertainment world keeps producing stories about disabled people, yet almost never casts disabled performers at all—whether in major or minor roles, playing disabled or able-bodied characters. Counterexamples, like RJ Mitte in Breaking Bad or Jamie Brewer in the first and third seasons of American Horror Story, are rare.
  5. We need a culture where female characters can be written with agency and nuance, strength and weakness, ideas and goals in their heads that transcend something beyond just looking for love.
  6. Seventeen percent of viewers between ages 18 and 24 who watch “Parenthood,” for example, do it digitally. A whopping 45 percent of viewers in that demographic who tune in for “Parks and Recreation” do so online. Across all age groups for “Parks and Recreation,” “37 percent of that viewing of that show is being done on the platforms that nobody ever sees,” Wurtzel explained.
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    Twice yearly, we’re reminded of two things: 1. flossing regularly really is important, and 2. award shows suck, particularly for women and POC behind the camera. In anticipated disappointment over this Thursday’s Emmy noms, we’ve compiled our own, with one caveat: ladies only. And not because they can’t stack up against the men in their field, but because the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences probably won’t let them try. 

    Read on for SaraLenny, and Hannah's picks for Outstanding Writing - Drama and Comedy.

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    I like this idea, but any list leaving off “The Decision Tree” or “Hitting the Fan” or “The Last Call” (all written by Robert & Michelle King) is incomplete.

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  8. Rape isn’t entertainment, it’s a never-more pressing outrage that is not to be enjoyed with a glass of Merlot and a few cheese straws as you watch your “edgy” TV drama. There are more refuges, more sexual assaults and women are now seen as sex objects on an unprecedented scale.
  9. Wherein I have a short convo on Twitter with the composer for "The Good Wife" about the score for "True Detective"

  10. Vulture Interview with Michael Lombardo, HBO President of Programming

    • Vulture: I was sad when HBO lost the option on American Gods.
    • Lombardo: We were as well.
    • Vulture: What happened?
    • Lombardo: I think we're all huge fans of the book, and I think the script just didn't — we couldn't craft the script as good as we needed it to be. I think we knew going in that it would be a challenge; every good book is a challenge to adapt it and find the level you need for it. The bar is high now for great dramas. And to find that bar — we tried. So it was a huge disappointment […] We tried three different writers, we put a lot of effort into it. Some things just don't happen. We have to trust at the end of the day, if you don't have a star with a great script, you're just not going to go through with it.

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