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    #TBT ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ directed by Max Vitali… Robyn is working with Max again on the video for Röyksopp collaboration #Monument, premiering next week…

    always relevant

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    Listen to Röyksopp’s top 10 Robyn tracks, and Robyn’s top 10 Röyksopp tracks.

    I am doing so right now!

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  3. BBC Radio 1 - B.Traits, Robyn's Bedtime Mix, Robyn delivers your bedtime mix


    Robyn picks out 4 tracks to help sooth Radio 1 listeners before bedtime…

    1. Erykah Badu - Bag Lady 
    2. Cocteau Twins - Suckling The Mender 
    3. Todd Rundgren - Healing (Part 1)

    yeah, Robyn’s on Tumblr y’all!

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    1. Dead in the Water, David Gray (47 plays)
    2. Alone, Glee Cast Version w/Kristin Chenoweth (35 plays)
    3. How Much More, Stars (33 plays)
    4. Get Myself Together, Robyn (31 plays)
    5. Handle Me, Robyn (30 plays)
    6. Show Me Love, Robyn (30 plays)
    7. We Don’t Want Your Body, Stars (29 plays)
    8. Who’s That Girl?, Robyn (27 plays)
    9. Beautiful Disaster, Kelly Clarkson (27 plays)
    10. With Every Heartbeat (w/Kleerup), Robyn (26 plays)

    Is it obvious that I only listen to my home desktop computer at random times and rarely ever synced my iPod (before it gave up the ghost)?

    Still, Dead in the Water is an awesome song. And y’all know I love me some Robyn.

  4. Robyn, “Hang With Me.”

    Just recalled part of my dream last night — I was in Libya for some reason, under attack with Robyn and Hillary Clinton among others.  We all just wanted to go home, but I kept asking Robyn to sing so I could harmonize with her for our attackers. I guess my rationale was that singing would save our lives?

    I can’t recall the last time I had such a violent dream.  I’m going to blame Sucker Punch, which I watched last night (geez, that movie made no sense & had less plot than a video game).

    I’m not sure how Robyn and Secretary of State Clinton factor in…

  5. ACL Live : Robyn

    y’all y’all y’all I AM SO EXCITED. Happy early birthday to me! I don’t care how much tickets are, I’m buying one!

  6. Calling Your Girlfriend | The Hairpin


  7. hillibuster:

    Christ, this is absolutely perfect.

    I’m sure I shared this when I first heard it a while back, but it’s worth posting again!

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  8. auditorylove:

So word on “the street” is that Robyn is in the studio right now making new music.. WITH KLEERUP. Amaze.



    So word on “the street” is that Robyn is in the studio right now making new music.. WITH KLEERUP. Amaze.


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  9. SNL writers room comparison to Robyn’s original “Call Your Girlfriend” video = EPIC (via interweber)

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