1. First Listen: Natalie Maines, 'Mother' : NPR

    do it do it do it

  2. Lessons From SXSW 2013: Take The Middle Road : The Record : NPR

    At the second of her two Austin shows, Friday night at the Central Presbyterian Church, Maines looked ultra-modern in a pompadour haircut and all black clothes. What mattered more was the confidence she found within a new band led by Harper in a set that included covers of songs by Vedder, The Jayhawks, Dan Wilson and others, as well as a couple of catchy originals.

    Although the closing guitar duel between Harper on lap steel and Maines’s father Lloyd on pedal steel was fun, the set’s crowning moment came when she dared to try a version of the late Jeff Buckley’s “Lover, You Should Have Come Over.” That sweeping ballad’s technical difficulty is enhanced by the challenge of living up to Buckley’s vocal, which hit otherworldly heights. Fully committing herself, Maines scaled the song’s tricky melody like a free mountain climber, hitting notes that seemed to defy any scale. Immersed in the music, unconcerned about whether she was living up to anyone’s definition of success, Maines presented us with the privilege of witnessing her own internal process of rediscovery.

  3. Natalie Maines with Lloyd Maines, Ben Harper and friends, “Take It On Faith” (live at SXSW at Central Presbyterian Church)

    This was also amazeballs (the slide-guitar duel at the end, especially).

  4. Natalie Maines “Lover You Should’ve Come Over” at SXSW (by dsena26)

    This was a revelation to hear live, seriously.

  5. Natalie Maines, “Mother.”

    I’d already signed up to volunteer the late shift Friday night during SXSW at my church, and this lady has been added to the lineup.  Yippee!

    My sis pointed out today that I haven’t been posting much on Tumblr in recent days, and it won’t improve anytime soon.  I imagine I’ll be on Twitter during the fest because I can tweet from my phone.  Since Tumblr is slightly finicky on my Kindle, I likely won’t be checking in here much til the festival ends (except to link to stuff I write for Slackerwood).

    Also, I’m moving to South Austin the weekend after the fest!

    My March will be in-SAHN.

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  6. Pete Yorn (w/Natalie Maines), “The Man” [eMusic].  Finally moving music from my old work computer onto my home computer and I rediscovered this album.

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