1. Whether it’s a farewell for just a few months or forever, “Win, Lose or Draw” was, in fact, perfect.
  2. "Justified" has found a way to be just as strong when the focus turns to any of the bad guys (or to Nick Searcy as Raylan’s oft-frustrated boss Art Mullen) as it is when Raylan is wandering into a room and warning someone what will happen if he has to pull his gun.
  3. Bays and Thomas have made it clear that they’ll drag mysteries out long past the point where they’re in any way interesting.
    Season finale review: How I Met Your Mother - Challenge Accepted: Dont make me puke - HitFix.com. Am so disappointed in that ending moment (and its fogginess) that I think I may just give up on the show.  I feel like if I keep watching the show I’ll just continue to be frustrated.
  4. Interview: Chuck co-creator Chris Fedak post-mortems season 4 - HitFix.com

    I’m so very satisfied with tonight’s season finale.  Now I’m excited again about this show.  Also, this interview reminded me of the epic Kevin Bacon episode earlier this season.

  5.  erina replied to your linkReview: How I Met Your Mother - Hopeless: Crazy Jerrys vices are insaaaaaane!!! - HitFix.com

    i love sepinwall’s reviews

    Me too.  I’ve begun the habit of immediately reading his review/recap right after I finish watching a show.  

    I love Vulture's recaps as well — at least for The Good Wife and American Idol (even though I don’t watch that show).  And now they’re recapping Cougar Town! I don’t care much for their recaps of Modern Family, though.

  6. Review: How I Met Your Mother - Hopeless: Crazy Jerrys vices are insaaaaaane!!! - HitFix.com

    … I’m letting the episode sucker me back into thinking the show is heading for some kind of Robin/Barney reconciliation. Nora’s the more recent woman for Barney to have been referring to in the car, and Robin not only spends the whole episode mooning over Michael Trucco from “Battlestar Galactica,” but Future Ted warns us we haven’t seen the last of the guy. But an episode that spends so much time reminding us of the power of misdirection wouldn’t be that obvious, would it? And there was that seemingly unnecessary throwaway gag where Barney imagines what Jerry would tell him about how he was never happier than when he was dating Robin that I really, really want to believe is a hint of where all of this is actually going. It’s probably me reading too much into things, but the exchange was so out of nowhere, and Lithgow and NPH spent so much time swapping magic advice, that… yup, I’m still a sucker for some things this show does.

    Why I still watch the show.

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