AFS Moviemaker Dialogues: Writer/Director Mike White | Slackerwood

Last week Mike White talked a little about Chuck & Buck, The Good Girl, School of Rock, Year of the Dog and Enlightened and I took a lot of notes.

White’s most recent project was the show Enlightened, which he wrote, directed, produced and co-created with star Laura Dern. Despite a small, dedicated fanbase, HBO canceled the program after two seasons. White said the show was polarizing for the cable channel; they were fine with the annoying aspects of the lead character, but found some things too depressing. 

A clip we were shown from first-season episode “The Weekend” contained lines White told us he kept in despite pushback from the channel: “The baby died. The dog died. The heart broke.” The scene was poignant and beautiful — it’s difficult to imagine it being so without those words to give it such heft.

  1. julyshewillfly said: I find it extremely interesting/mind-boggling that of all the shows HBO has had over the years, Enlightened was the one they found too depressing.
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