Why Cosmo Is Getting Serious About Its Reproductive Rights Coverage | ThinkProgress

“It all comes down to one core value, which is that we are unequivocally for women’s rights. It’s that simple,” Cosmopolitan.com’s editor, Amy Odell, told ThinkProgress when asked about the apparent editorial shift. “We believe every woman should have access to safe, affordable health care, and when that right is threatened, we’re not afraid to tackle those threats head-on.”

"I want to remind America of how criminally short its memory can be. In theory, the good thing about this country is that we all have our own story to tell, and there exist a whole host of stories, both parallel and perpendicular to mine. Countless fragile intricacies that are sometimes unimaginable to me, other times too familiar.

But in practice, some of these stories go missing. And I wonder - where’s my story?"

Josie Duffy, The Men Who Left Were White

We can merge our firms


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If I die before you, please don’t let them read “Wind Beneath My Wings” at my funeral.

Oh, I’m sorry, I meant that metaphorically.

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The Good Wife 5.17 “A Material World”  - How I wish it had ended.

Good evening, may I assist you with a wine tonight?

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Cold open from Flu Season 2 Producer’s Cut

Classic Perd

Texas Monthly to Sue New York Times Over Magazine Editor - NYTimes.com

The publisher of the Texas Monthly is expected to file a lawsuit against The New York Times and Jake Silverstein, the Monthly’s editor, for accepting job as editor of The New York Times Magazine, according to a spokeswoman for the The Times.