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Brigitte Helm

(this is a scene from Metropolis, BTW)


    Brigitte Helm


    (this is a scene from Metropolis, BTW)

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  2. For Cinephiles, Netflix Is Less and Less an Option | KQED Arts

    Mark Taylor is KQED’s senior interactive producer for arts and culture and teaches media theory and criticism at USF and the Art Institutes of California. He’s on Netflix’s five DVDs-at-at-a-time plan, which costs $27.99 a month ($33.99 including Blu-ray) and has long used Netflix to preview films he’s considering teaching in class. But he says he can no longer rely on the service for research the way he once did.

    “My experience is that you end up with a bunch of things that have a very long wait and then they never come,” he said. “Things that were once available aren’t anymore.” Nine of the films at the top of his DVD queue are very long waits, he said, “sitting there forever.”

    I’ve noticed this! Especially as I was compiling the list of options for watching movies for feministfilmclub; I find it ridiculous that Netflix doesn’t have a copy of Christopher Strong to rent.

  3. You can never predict, but the numbers that Pushing Daisies [were] cancelled at — those would be good numbers now.
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    Happy Birthday, Beyonce Amy Poehler! (September 16th)

    Happy Birthday to Beyonce Amy Pueblo Poehler. 

    and thank you to all you PoehlerBears for the love!!!

    I guess I’m a Poehler Bear? I didn’t know there was a term for us

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  5. SPEAK - Gates [Official Lyrics]

    The first 40 seconds of this song are already one of my favorite things about 2014.

  6. so much awesomeness, though

  7. There’s a story about [Civil Rights activist] Fannie Lou Hamer that we’ve been trying to get off the ground with Alfre Woodard to play the lead and Harry Belafonte as one of the producers. Another is a limited series about the life of Louis Armstrong, which Charles Dutton and I took around a couple years ago. I just pitched a TV series about James Michener’s Alaska, about the history of Alaska right after the United States bought it, which people really don’t know much about and would make a great miniseries. I’ve gotten to know the sons of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who were given the electric chair for espionage in the ’50s, and they’ve always wanted a movie or TV series about their parents’ case. So I’ve actually written the script for that already.
  8. Right now, in freethought, the jesters fancy themselves intellectuals, and the intellectuals cavort like jesters, and the women among them wake up with the hangover.
  9. In my dream last night, Anika Noni Rose & Ben Schwartz had a baby & were engaged. Thinking about it now, that’s not *too* bizarre of a pairing. I wonder if they’ve even met?

  10. a self-perpetuating cycle can come into play, at least in legacy companies. Men are in charge, and are more likely to promote other men. Women see fewer women rising to top jobs and grow more likely to leave journalism. Thus, fewer women are around to apply for those promotions. Men become even more likely to promote other men to both the most important posts in the business and the jobs that serve as steps toward them.
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