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“Whether people love you or hate you, it’s all phantoms. None of it’s real.” — Flavorwire Interview: The New Pornographers’ Carl Newman

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“Is there nowhere in an American house where one may be by one’s self?”― Edith Wharton, The Age of Innocence


“Is there nowhere in an American house where one may be by one’s self?”
― Edith Wharton,
The Age of Innocence

“It was just my third day on the job; I was still learning to use the fax machine. A coworker who’d been on PTO my first two days appeared in my office, introduced himself via nutcracking handshake. He made small talk, then business-speak, back to small talk. Only so much to be said about the weather, the traffic, and the mayor. A column of silence rose between us. His gaze alighted on my head. “How did you get your hair like that?” He reached across my desk and ran his fingers through my hair.

I gripped his arm mid-arc, squeezed it just hard enough to signal my spirit, and flung it away. “If you want to touch my hair, you ask first. And when you do ask, I’ll say no.”

Shock and puzzlement leaped through his features. He flushed several shades of red, pivoted, exited.” — Lyzette Wanzer: Twisted - Guernica / A Magazine of Art & Politics

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clavisa replied to your post:Any new updates you would be willing to share on The Worth Saga? :)

hahahaha “unmarketable premise” hahaha surely you jest I have bought and will continue buying anything with your name on the cover so write whatever the hell you want (it would be super cool to see you genre-bend though!)

There is a much longer post for a point when I do not have half an hour internet access in a cafe in Christchurch, but the way it works is this: the people who will buy whatever I write, even if it is titled “RANDOM MUSINGS ABOUT LAWN ORNAMENTS” are one set. The larger that number of people, the more visibility I can get on a specific title. (Which is good!)

But visibility doesn’t do me any good if nobody else wants to give the story a chance.

At this point, I suspect that about 70-80% of my sales are from people who are just looking for some kind of story who happen on mine and decide to give it a try, and woohoo, I’m glad they did that. But I can definitely see a difference in sales depending on how good I am at adhering to common marketing elements—and the better I am at making a book sound like it has common marketing elements, the more people decide to give it a try.

While I wish I didn’t have to care about marketability, if I have more ideas than I have time to write (and I do), the smart thing is to choose the more marketable idea. That being said, if I am really excited about the less marketable idea I will probably say “fuck it,” because you know what, fuck it.

But I will also think very, very hard about how to present that thing in the most marketable way because in addition to being a person who says “fuck it” to things I am also a person who runs a business and has employees who I want to continue to pay a living wage and all kinds of other things along those lines.

I obviously don’t swing too hard to the other extreme, which you can tell because I am not writing a series of books about rakish dukes where every book has the word “duke” or “duchess” in the title. Although I have been tempted. Briefly.

I’m part of the set that will buy anything from Ms. Milan.


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